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Wild Goose Choir is a mixed voice, folk-based community choir in which we learn a range of material within the folk canon; from the very traditional to the modern-day.

Formed in June 2023, Wild Goose Choir is now a musical home to 40 members, who each bring a warmth, energy and individuality to sessions and songs. The choir rehearses weekly in South Brent and is directed by Freya Harbottle (one half of folk duo Harbottle & Jonas). The choir seeks to perform at least twice a year, to share the songs and arrangements that we learn. All upcoming performances can be found under the Events tab.

A lot of folks ask, 'Why the name?' and the answer is two-fold . . . 

Firstly, the intricacy and awareness of how wild geese fly and migrate is so detailed - the constant calling to each other to let others in the flock know they are present; the formation in which they arrange themselves, each taking a specific place and serving a vital purpose for the journey. 

And secondly, when the seed of the choir had been planted it was early Spring, a time for growth and new shoots and the wild geese were very present overhead as they made their flight North. I try to stop, watch and listen as they pass and think about the incredible journey they are on and how it is their internal rhythm and awareness that guides them.

I think parallels can be drawn with the formation of wild geese and group singing - the awareness of the important role one plays in the overall sound of a choir; awakening to your inner intuition; and listening for others in the 'flock', to ensure we're all headed in the same direction.

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